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Solar Americas Capital launches in Brazil

Solar Americas Capital launches to deliver a portfolio of 2GW commercial solar power assets in Brazil by 2026


• UK finance as well as British expertise will enable Brazilian corporations to develop their

own solar assets

• Solar Americas will offer access to larger portfolio of asset sale options when partner

companies are keen to divest

• Company is backed by solar and capital finance experts who have over 25 years’

experience of the Brazilian market


16 September 2021, London: Solar Americas Capital is launching to bring upwards of 2GW of solar

power in partnership with progressive corporations across Brazil by 2026. The company will cofund,

identify, build and manage the solar assets for commercial partners, drawing on over 25 years

of experience working in the Brazilian, solar and finance markets. The company has successfully

completed its first funding round, secured access to growth capital from private investors and is

starting the construction of its first solar farm in Brazil. Solar Americas aims to raise £1 billion for

investment in Brazilian solar energy by 2026.

In 2021 alone, Brazilian energy prices increased by over 50% and are expected to continue to rise

considerably above inflation. Worldwide however, the costs for solar power generation continue to

fall. Energy cost savings of up to 30% can be realised by companies in Brazil turning to solar power

due to the abundance of solar irradiation coupled with the regulatory incentives to feed a growing

demand. Brazil is the only geographically large country with GDP exceeding $1.5trillion dollars

where utility-scale solar penetration is below 2% despite its exceptional climactic potential for this

type of renewable energy. Total solar installations in Brazil have more than doubled since 2019,

despite the pandemic. Solar Americas sees this rapid rate of expansion as continuing over the next 5

years and is looking forward to playing a key part in it.

Partnering with Solar Americas gives companies the ability to forecast their power expenditure for

as long as they choose to own the asset. If a company is spending $200,000+ on power per year,

being able to guarantee supply for 20 years in an otherwise highly volatile market enables significant

competitive advantages. Solar Americas will also deliver Brazilian companies a rare opportunity for

energy spend transparency as well as providing guarantees to shareholders and governance bodies

as to the sustainability credentials of their energy source.

Luiz Silva, Co-Founder, CEO EMEA of Solar Americas said: “Improving on environmental credentials is

no longer optional. Companies across the world are keen to explore ways that they can guarantee a

reduction in their carbon footprint as well as fully optimising their operations with cost reductions.

Building a solar farm is complex and requires experience and focus on the operation which many

mid-size companies do not have in-house and is expensive to access. We have the knowledge and

connections required to build a solar power installation and lift the burden from our partners.”

Solar Americas will form joint ventures with each company it works with to develop the co-funded

solar asset together. The Solar Americas network will also provide an umbrella under which its

clients can access a larger portfolio of asset sale options when they are ready to divest the asset,

with an experienced team to structure and guide the deal.

Tiago Alves, Co-Founder, CEO Americas of Solar Americas also commented: “We are delivering a

new partnership design with upside and transparency for Brazilian companies and investors while

enabling them to monetise and develop a strategic asset for the future. This is a huge opportunity

for both corporates in Brazil and investors to be part of a much bigger sell, without the risk of going

it alone.”

The Company attracted investors active in a range of sectors and geographies:

“EVIPAR is a household name in the region with a long-standing reputation for responsible

investments within the healthcare and real-estate sectors. The client-investor collaborative model

of Solar Americas Capital attracted our attention, and we look forward to collaborating with its

successful roll-out in Brazil”, said Francisco Eustacio Viera Filho, shareholder at EVIPAR and Board

Advisor at Solar Americas.

Rebeca and Raphael da Fonte, who completes the roaster of Board Advisors at Solar Americas

Capital, add “As a family, we have interests in technology and infrastructure operations spreading

over 20 countries, including companies such as ATP, Motrice and Grupo Raymundo da Fonte. The

complementarity of Solar Americas Capital with companies linked to our families and the experience

behind the team constitutes a strength that we are happy to be part of”.


Notes to editors

Solar Americas Capital Ltd was founded in December 2020 in London and has subsidiaries in Brazil

and Portugal. Its vision is to build, acquire and consolidate a 2GW portfolio of solar assets in

emerging markets by 2026, through efficient capital structures in new client-inclusive business

models. Solar Americas has a team of founders and executives that have worked together to

accumulate decades of C-level management, venture building and successful exits. The company

has successfully completed its first funding round, secured access to growth capital from private

investors and is starting the construction of its first solar farm in Brazil.

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