Generating 2GWp
from the Sun by 2026

Delivering Clean Energy

We are building and acquiring solar farms to create a portfolio of 2GWp by 2026.


Cost Reduction


Long Term Energy Availability



Join Us in This Transformation

We bring together a talented  team, clients, suppliers and investors to transform how we generate energy to improve life and promote economic growth, protecting the environment


Our Focus

What Do We Do?

We develop and manage renewable energy projects, allowing corporates to benefit not only as consumers of green energy but also as investors in solar assets.

Solar Americas’ assets are built to deliver clean energy for decades, reducing costs for clients, improving the environment and bringing return to investors.

We develop, build, and operate solar farms

We acquire existing solar farms

We help clients to offset carbon emissions

Our Offer

Our Value Propostion

We have a solid structure of capital and operational efficiency.

We understand in depth the markets where we are present, equipping us to build one of the largest portfolios of solar farms in the world.